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Sean Wu, a Freshman at Gunn High School, is the most competitive chess player with a USCF rating of 1934, ranking within national 14 years boys top 100. Sean has been playing and studying chess for almost six years and has participated in more than 140 tournaments, including National open and American open chess tournaments. He has earned lots of bonuses from many chess tournaments.
Sean thinks chess is a very interesting and fun game. Chess has taught many morals that help the players both in chess and daily life.

Lego Robotics

Ken Mori is a current senior at the King's Academy. He started robotics when he was in 4th grade in a Lego Robots Team. Currently, he is the software captain for his school's robotics team, winning numerous awards and competitions in First Tech Challenge (FTC).
Ken has been teaching Python and Java introduction and intermediate classes since 2019; he is the primary coding teacher at a code learning center teaching multiple camps such as Python, MakeCode, Lego Robotics, and 3D Printing from K-9th Grade. All his students cherished his passionate and fun teaching style while exercising their newfound programming skills. He has participated in a wide variety of computer science activities, such as Machine Learning and AI, Breadboards, USACO, and ASCL.


Pingping Wang, graduated from the Ceramic Art Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University (formerly the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts). She currently resides in Milpitas, CA and used to be former Vice President of the American Asian Art Association and the former Vice President of the US-China Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute. She was born in a family of artists and has specialized in Chinese ink painting of flowers and birds. She held several large-scale art exhibitions in China and the United States with her father and sister. Her oil painting and acrylic creations have won numerous awards and published several work albums. She has been teaching painting classes for more than 20 years. Her students range from 3-year-old children to high schoolers taking AP Art courses.

Public Speaking & Debate

Samantha Fan, a Sophomore at Palo Alto High School. She has been doing public form debate for the last four years and speech for the last two years. She was a semifinalist at Robert Garcia Memorial Invitational Debate Tournament and the top 3 speaker. In addition, Samantha was a finalist at the Coast Forensic League Speech Tournament.

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